Civics requires 8th-graders to do 15 service hours

Kaden Hromek-Vaitla and Justin Yu

Eighth-graders are required to do 15 service hours for Civics by May 20.

A service hour is time put in by a student for the benefit of the community. However, helping out with chores at home or helping a teacher grade work does not count. Doing work for payment, family, religious groups, and non-service clubs all do not count towards your hours. Service hours must be verified by the students’ civics teacher and submitted into the website x2Vol.

Before starting, students should check with their civics teacher to get a green light on their idea for service hours. If students don’t have any ideas, x2Vol has a button named “Find Opportunities” that is a great place to start.

If a student is in NJHS they need an additional 10 hours by May 13. The service hours must be verified by an FCPS school staff member or be done at a school-sponsored event. 

Service hours are required by schools to develop civic and social skills and increase awareness for the community, as well as to make friends, learn new skills, and develop a sense of responsibility.