New outdoor lunch seating arrangements begin

Sabeen Bhuiyan, Writer

New lunch tables and seating have been arranged for students in the RCMS courtyard as of Monday, October 4. Staff members have discontinued outdoor seating in the Kiss and Ride waiting area behind the cafeteria, and have now placed tents with tables out in the courtyard. Benches are also available to students.

Seventh-grader Diya Doshi says she prefers Kiss and Ride area seating rather than courtyard seating because she felt that before, students had “more freedom.”

“At the courtyard, seats fill up really fast and there isn’t enough space like there was before,” she says.

Many students enjoying the nice weather while eating their meal. Some also enjoy the mini pond surrounded by rocks at the back corner of the courtyard, where fish are often found.

“It’s just a good environment to hang out in,” said seventh-grader Alicia Zheng on the Dream Team. “It reduces the chance of COVID spreading too.”