Halloween is just around the corner and it’s costume time


The Wolves team dresses up for Halloween Oct. 29.

Timothy Jones, Writer

It’s spooky season, the time for costumes and candy! So here are some of the most popular Halloween costumes of 2021 for your furry friends and yourself. 

“Halloween is definitely one of my favorite holidays,” exclaimed Caroline Bellingham, eighth-grader on team Wolves. “I love to dress up my dog.”

If you’re like Caroline, then here are some of the best dog costumes of 2021: A lion, a hot dog, a banana, a tootsie roll, a Scooby Doo costume, a shark, a giraffe, a puppy latte, a dog, a pumpkin spice latte, a teddy bear, and a cowboy.

“I’m more of a cat person so we usually dress up our cats for Halloween,” said Brooke Joseph, an eighth-grader on team Wolves.

If you need a costume for your cat then here are some popular ideas: a king or queen, a shark, a maid, a piece of bread, a magician, an angel or devil (depending on your cat), a cowboy, a box, or a princess.

Now that your furry friends are all dressed up here are some ideas for yourself: Rey (from Starwars), The Joker, Ironman, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, Kylo Ren, Pennywise, Men in black, Xenomorph, Alien, Werewolf, Squid Game, Transformer, and a killer clown.

“I’m super excited for Halloween,” said Nate Zschunke, an eighth-grader on team Wolves.