Carson’s chorus program gets ready for upcoming concerts


Chorus students get ready to practice with their sheet music.

Eva , Writer

After a long disruption due to Covid, the chorus program is performing together for audiences again.

“The chorus concerts are always a fun time,” said Ms. Reddig, the chorus director.  “The students are doing so well and there’s a variety of songs for everyone to enjoy.”

The nearest performance is on Dec. 14, when three of the five choirs will be singing. It will start at 7 p.m. 

Haasini Govindu, choir student, said, “The songs are from all over the world and there’s an overall diversity in the music.”

The chorus program has been a popular elective in Carson ever since the school’s opening in 1998. 

Like many things, the chorus program has been heavily affected by Covid. Previously, anyone could attend the concerts but now you must ask a chorus member or Ms. Reddig. Additionally, each student can only have four guests.

Concert procedures aren’t the only part of chorus that has been impacted by Covid; according to Ms. Reddig, teaching technique has gotten harder and last year’s virtual classes caused lack of experience. She adds that even with all the new hurdles students are doing much better than expected.

“It’s a lot of work,” Haasini said, “but after a while it starts to make sense and then it all feels worth the time and effort.”

Ms. Reddig encourages seventh-grade students to try out for chorus next year.

She said it’s an interactive program where students are brought together to work and sing.

There is a voice check where students are evaluated on which chorus level they would best fit in to. The purpose of this is to have each member of the program in a placement where they can thrive.

Ms.  Reddig firmly believes that anyone who has a passion for singing should join.

 “If you want to join, don’t be afraid, it’s my job to help,” said Ms. Reddig.