RCMS spirit wear shop to reopen in December 


Leena Geloo

Sahana Komanduri, a seventh-grader from RCMS, shows off spirit wear from years past.

Leena Geloo, Writer

The online school spirit wear store closed on Friday, Nov. 5. Students who bought spirit wear will get their products during gym classes, in mid-November. After the clothing is delivered, the shop will reopen in early December, for students who didn’t get the chance to buy any apparel. 

There were many clothing items for sale, including hoodies, crewneck sweatshirts, sweatpants, and T-shirts. The designs on the apparel featured panthers and showcase school pride for RCMS.

“Hoodies are definitely the favorite,” said Mr. Demetri Kappatos, a gym teacher of RCMS, who also comes up with the designs for the spirit wear.                                                                            

Mr. Kappatos likes to change up the designs every year. Over the years, there have been variations on the Carson panther. When the school celebrated its 20th year, the spirit wear declared “Established 1998.”         

Numerous changes were made since the spirit wear was last sold, the biggest being the new online store. Buyers were able to choose between black, grey and white for each piece of clothing. Previously, all the spirit wear was one color, which alternated every year, and only sweatshirts and pants were available. 

As in years past, the spirit wear sale was a fundraiser for the PE department. Three dollars from every item purchased went towards new equipment and games for students to use during gym classes. 

Ava-Grace Satterfield, a seventh-grader on the Champions team, who bought a baseball T-shirt from the school store, said, “It’s really important to buy spirit wear because it funds a good cause for the school, and you also get some cool school merch out of it!”