Students settle in during first quarter

Jack Ryan, Writer

As the first quarter came to an end at Rachel Carson Middle School on Oct. 29, students were starting to get used to the routine.

“To me, the first quarter has gone very slowly and long this year,” said Ms. Grausz. “I think it was an adjustment for all of us to be back in the building and there have been challenges as students and teachers got back to a routine. That being said, the last couple of weeks seem to have gone by much quicker!”

When asked the question “do you think students are doing better since going back in person,” many people agreed that it has been much better.

“Yes, [it’s] a lot better there because it’s harder to get distracted,” Max Nguyen responded.

“You get to know your teachers better and feel more comfortable,” said Carter Kingswell.

Max said he thought the first quarter is the most important one.

“It sets the tone to what the rest of the year will be like,” he said.

Lavina Colaco disagreed.

“The third and fourth matter the most because it’s your final chance to get your grades up,” she said.

Ms. Grausz said she doesn’t think any one quarter is more or less important than another.

“Learning is a process, and it takes time and practice,” she said.

Ms. Grausz offered suggestions for success:

  1. Bring a positive attitude to class
  2. Try your best (even if you make mistakes – that’s what happens when you’re learning)
  3. Seek out help when you need it
  4. Engage in class

Max added that organization is importat.

“Stay focused in every class, meet new people, get used to the routines of each class [and] have a way to keep thing organized,” he said.

Carter encouraged students to get involved and socialize as well.

“Don’t be shy and you should try to talk to people,” he said.