Spirit week joy


Pahel Doshi

Amritha Sundarrajan, seventh grade, on Legacy is doing school work at Panther Time on hat day.

Pahel Doshi, Writer

Spirit week came to RCMS on Oct. 18-22 and on Oct. 25-29. Two spirit weeks meant double the fun this year.

Aasritha Duriseit, a seventh-grader on the Champions team, enjoyed the festivities.  

“I think spirit week is a great way for students to participate and show off their school spirit,” she said.

Aasritha did some of the same activities in her elementary school.

“It’s the same because in my elementary, we would wear different colors or different types of clothing,” she said. 

Minait Divakar, a seventh-grader on the Dream team, thinks that spirit week is cool but too generic.

“A couple days were fun like hat day, because everybody wore something interesting,” Minait said.

Minati thinks that there should be new ideas for Spirit week. 

“I really wish there were new, original, and more interesting ideas,” said Minait. “Also not embarrassing.” 

Many teachers took part in both the spirit weeks and wore creative things on Halloween day, hat day and others.

“Spirit is nice,” said Ms. Christina Cho.