Getting good candy


As students dig through the remaining Halloween candy, what candy are they searching for? RCMS seems to like Sour Patch Kids. They also could be searching for other candies.

“I think Halloween is fun and it can easily be the best American holiday because you can get free candy,” said Sreyas Dasaradi, a seventh-grader on the Champions.

Believe it or not Virginia’s favorite candy is a spicy cinnamon candy — Hot Tamales, according to a study by, puzzling some people as to why out of all candies this is Virginia’s favorite.

Mrs. Natalie Debaldo, a seventh-grade math teacher on the Champions, said, “I like spicy food but not candy. When I think of candy, I think of something sweet.”

Mazin El-Zei, a seventh grader on the Dream Team, said, “I think it’s weird, I just don’t think spice and candy should go together.”

A survey was conducted at RCMS, and no one chose Hot Tamales as their favorite candy. But Reese’s which was one of the top voted candies on the survey at 18.2 percent.

Nahom Niguse, a seventh grader on the Majestics said his favorite is Reese’s.

“I like the peanut butter inside of it,” he said.

Sreyas Dasaradi agrees.

“Reese’s is good to me because I think that the chocolate and peanut butter combination fits well,” Sreyas said.

Mrs. DeBaldo said Butter Fingers and Starbursts are her favorite candy.

Mazin also has a very different opinion.

“I Like M&M’s,” says Mazin.

Sour Patch Kids were mentioned the most as 10 of the 44 students voted for it. That’s 22.7 percent of the respondents who voted for Sour Patch Kids.

KitKat took silver for favorite candy. On average, 172,633 KitKat bars are sold every Halloween. At RCMS, 20.5 percent of the respondents voted for KitKat.

“If I could have only one candy for the rest of my life it would be KitKat because the taste never gets bland,” said Nahom.

Mazin said M&M’s is a candy he would eat if he could only eat one for the rest of his life. “It’s not that type of candy where you eat it and it’s done,” Mazin said.

Halloween is mostly celebrated by kids as they run from door to door getting candy. But not only kids can only enjoy it.

“I’m not into Halloween that much but I think it’s fun to see kids dress up and get candy,” said Mrs. DeBaldo.