‘Matilda JR’ — It’s rolling!


Nandita Cherukuri, Writer

Students at RCMS are waiting anxiously for callbacks for lead and supporting roles in RCMS’s musical “Matilda Jr.” Callbacks are Dec. 10 and the play will be held from April 28-30.

“Love this musical,” said Joshua Bickford, theater art appreciation teacher. “It  has strong female representation. He added that the music is great. 

The musical Matilda Jr. is about the story of Matilda Wormwood and her extraordinary powers. She is hated by her cruel parents but has befriended and impresses her teacher Ms. Honey. She dreams of a better life and to inspire children to have audiences rooting for the “revolting children” who are set to teach grownups a lesson.

The auditions, held via Flipgrid, were due on Dec.3.

Students had to submit a video of themselves reciting a monologue and singing 30 seconds of the three options of songs from the musical, “Chokey Chant,” “This Little Girl” and “Naughty.” There is a Schoology group for the musical which includes all information regarding it. 

“I am looking for people who are committed to the play as well as focused,” Mr. Bickford said before the auditions. He also added that the auditionees should be able to sing and dance as well as having high energy.

Varenya Immidisetti, seventh-grader on the Legacy team, is passionate about getting a role in the play.

 “I would be very disappointed in myself if I don’t end up getting casted,” Varenya Immidisetti said. 

To prepare for auditions, she practices monologues and songs from the musical every single day. 

Some students are anxious about singing in front of a crowd. “I am a little shy and wouldn’t want to sing in front of so many people,” Kashvi Sriramaneni, Majestics, seventh-grader said.  

 Students who make it through the first round will get a callback. The callback list will be posted in the Matilda Jr. Schoology group on Friday Dec. 10. Unlike the auditions, the callback process will be in person on Dec. 15 and 16 from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. The final cast list will be announced on Dec. 17.

Separate positions for Stage Crew will be prioritized to those who audition and aren’t casted for a role. If you are interested in Stage Crew, there is a google form to complete.

“I would rather be a part of Stage Crew than be casted in the play,” Kashvi said. “I like working with the lights and props.”

“Facing competition, I’m confident that I will do good,” Varenya said.

If students pass the first round of auditioning they move on to the next round which is the callback round. Unlike the audition it will be in person.

“Let the show go on!” said Kashvi.