Running Club blooming back in spring

Rohan Jayakumar, Writer

After taking some time off for winter’s breezes and heavy snow showers, Running Club will resume on March 20 with the arrival of spring, according to a Schoology post.

Running Club is a club for all sorts of runners. It meets after school on Wednesdays during A block, meeting first at the Auxiliary gym then outside. It’s conducted by the seventh-grade gym teacher, Ms. Hackett.

The leader of the club, Sibani Anbumani, a seventh-grader on the Champions team, makes running games to play outside. Running Club usually starts off with regular gym warm-ups followed by one lap around the RCMS track. Then the runners proceed to a game based on popular choice, Sibani’s selection, or a suggestion by the group members or continue running on the track. Once A block ends, all runners head inside to the locker rooms and it ends.

Sibani said, “I am very excited for Running Club to be starting, and I am very happy to be the leader of the club.”