Carson band students to play at Oakton HS and Langley HS

Aashritha Penumudi, Writer

Many of Carson’s band students will be showcasing their talents at concerts held March 11-12 at Langley High School, where friends and family can spectate and enjoy the show.

On March 11, the concert band will be performing at 7:30-8:25 p.m. On March 12, the Cadet band will play at 9:40-10:30 a.m. Spectators can join back at 4:35-5:30 p.m. to watch the symphonic band play. Family and friends are welcome to view the concerts. The bands also played at Oakton High School on Feb. 22-23.

The concerts are how the band students are assessed. The February concerts were considered as pre-assessments, while the March concerts are the final assessment.

According to Ms. Tiffany Hitz, the Carson band teacher, “The assessment is like our music SOL test, but we take it all together as one group!” 

Carson’s band courses are split up into various levels, and students are placed into their appropriate level after submitting an audition. Of the six levels, Cadet (intermediate), Concert (advanced), and Symphonic (advanced) will be playing.

Hrishi Bhooma, an eighth-grader on the Yellow Jackets team who plays in the concert band, says, “I look forward to playing in the concert, since the music pieces are really fun to play. I’ve practiced for quite a while, and I think it’s going to pay off.”