Students look forward to eighth-grade celebration night


Sathwika Vummadi

Simone Shah, an eighth-grader on the Yellow Jackets team and Rujvi Thakkar, an eighth-grade on the X-Treme team are excited to attend the Eighth Grade Celebration Night.

Sathwika Vummadi, Writer

All eighth-graders at RCMS are invited to attend the Eighth Grade Celebration Night, on June 8, from 5:30 p.m. to 8 pm.

“I’m definitely marking June 8 on my calendar. It’s something to finally look forward to after a long time,” said Rujvi Thakkar.

The current PTA Board decided to bring back the Eighth Grade Celebration Night since the pandemic started in 2020. 

Students will have a chance to let loose and enjoy their last days as middle schoolers before they go off to high school. 

Since the mask mandate has been lifted and the country is starting to return to normalcy, the PTA is allowed to have a regular party, as they did before COVID.

This will be the first promotion party the current eighth-graders will attend due to their sixth-grade graduation party being canceled due to the pandemic.  

“As for the parents of eighth-graders, we feel they have already missed out on their sixth-grade graduation celebration; even though we can’t go back in time, we can certainly help in creating memories for them this year,” said Sumana Srinivasan, parent on the planning committee. 

Students are looking forward to attending the party and hanging out with their friends from middle school before they head off to high school.

“I think students, including me, are going to enjoy attending the party because it’s a stress reliever after finals and SOLs,” said Simone Shah, an eighth-grader on the Yellow Jackets team.

There will be many activities and forms of entertainment going on. A DJ will be hired, which indicates a dance floor! There will be a karaoke area, a photo booth, fun games to play, food, and cool raffle prizes. 

“There is another surprise for the kids too, but it hasn’t been confirmed at this point of time yet,” said Ms. Srinivasan, “Therefore, won’t comment on that.”

“I’m excited to eat food and see everyone dance,” said Shreya Rachakonda, eighth-grader on the Yellow Jackets team. 

At this time, the cost of each ticket to attend hasn’t been determined, but that information will be addressed by the end of April. 

“The party is coming up so soon, which means middle school is coming to an end,” said Rujvi.