School laptop stickers are to be removed the end of this year


Myra Goyal

Onyx, an eighth-grader on the Voyagers, working on her personalized laptop.

Myra Goyal and Shriya Gubbi

With the end of the 2021-2022 school year approaching, students with stickers on their laptops will be required to remove them by June 6-7 due to the need for clean laptops for the upcoming school year.

“We will be collecting laptops through P.E. classes,” stated Mrs. Megan Carr, a technology specialist at RCMS, “the same way we distributed in the beginning of the year.”

Mrs. Carr said that when stickers are being removed they should “leave no trace of any sticky residue.” 

One method you could use, if there’s any residue left, is to apply a bit of Goo-Gone on a cloth and apply it gently to the computer. 

Mrs. Carr emphasized the importance of adding it gently as she said, “Students should be gentle with this process – don’t apply a lot of pressure or the screen will crack.”

She said the technology specialists may open up the computer room at some point to assist students in taking them off. 

Regardless of how you remove the stickers, the end result should be a clean, sticker-free computer.  

“One thing students need to realize is that these laptops are borrowed and will be turned in at the end of the school year,” she said. “The laptop you will get in eighth grade will not be the same as the one you got in seventh.”

Furthermore, she said that the increase of stickers on computers has not been an issue so far. If it does proceed to become a problem, the technology specialists might have to regulate a rule.

“We didn’t start the year with saying absolutely no stickers, so I just think students started putting them on their laptops,” Mrs. Carr added.  

She expected a lot of students to eventually add stickers onto their school laptops. 

As she said with a laugh, “Kids put stickers on everything!”

Onyx, an eighth grader on Voyagers, has a variety of cat stickers on her school laptop. She is one of the many students who began the year knowing that their stickers would have to be removed, but still enjoy their personalized school laptops.

Lodyn Roldan, a seventh-grader on Dream Team, was aware that he would have to remove his stickers at the end of the year. This helped him thoughtfully decide what he really wanted to add on his laptop in case of it getting damaged.

“I would definitely make sure they’re easy to remove, and make sure to put them in the right place so it looks nice on my laptop,” he said. 

Laptops can be a creative and imaginative canvas where individuals can publicly make a statement and display their interests without having to say a word, according to PC Webopaedia.

“It’s fun, and it also describes your personality,” said Lodyn.