New after-school clubs added

Aishwarya Sawant, Writer

Five new clubs — Nintendo Wii, Literary Magazine, Minds to Minds Tutoring, Magic the Gathering, and Biology — were added to Carson’s list of after school activities at the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year.

In the Nintendo Wii club, students play different Wii games. In the Literary Magazine club, students will work to put a magazine together. In Minds to Minds Tutoring, there is the option to tutor, or be tutored if students need help in a subject. In Magic the Gathering club, students play a trading card game. In the Biology club, students will learn more about biology through discussions and experiments.

The after-school activities program is run by Mr. Riley Barrows and starts everyday at 2:23.

RCMS students took charge to ask teachers and create their own new clubs as a way to share their passion and ideas with other students.