Engineering project to help people’s loved ones in need

Engineering students at RCMS have created inventions to help people who have loved ones in need, in projects started in January of 2023.

Many inventions were made, including a back brace by eighth-grader Rishab Nanduri and a dressing stick by eighth-grader Arjun Garg.

Many students saw a difference in this project compared to their normal projects because they were helping others. “I loved the real world element,” Rishab said.

This project is called Engineering for Empathy. Mr. Bolt (Engineering 3 teacher) says, “Engineers need to understand their users’ needs, and put themselves in the users’ shoes, in order to then build an effective solution.”

Mr. Stokes said, “So often our teachers in all classes are trying to connect their projects to real world applications and this unit did exactly that.”