New type of SOL to be tested on 8th grade students

The Virginia Department of Education is testing a new type of SOL called the Integrated Reading and Writing (IRW) that combines reading and writing elements on eighth grade students on March 15. The location for each eighth-grader’s testing room was emailed to them on March 10. 

The schedule for this test is the same as the VGA one. Panther Time will be the first class of the day, for two hours, from 7:30am to 9:30am. Eighth-graders will report to their testing locations at 7:30. Seventh-graders will go to their Panther Time classrooms. After 4th period, 2nd period will be for 75 minutes. Then, 6th period will be for 120 minutes as regular so that all lunches can proceed at regular timings. Eighth period will be the last class of the day for 75 minutes. 

All 8th graders will be required to do a FCPSOn Healthcheck for their computers a few days before the test. Also, the three finger swipe will be disabled during the test due to the interference between the scrolling and the test application. 

Eighth graders will be required to bring a fully charged computer, two pencils, a book, and a water bottle if you want to. Phones, smart watches, other digital devices, or any school binders/books should not be with you.