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From near and far

When she first arrived at Carson, now eighth-grader Wintana Tsegaye was nervous and scared, as most students were. However, the Dolphins student couldn’t read, write or speak English, so she became a part of the RCMS ESOL program. “I just wanted to learn English,” she said. Her journey has been long, and not necessarily easy,…

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Out in the trailers

The trailers are an outdoor addition to the school, allowing room for more classes for students to learn and broaden their mind. But every once and while, the location isn’t the most convenient. The trailers are located outside the main building near to the seventh-grade Champions pod, by the soccer fields. They are home to…

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Wii club: a place to relax and make friends

Wii Club is a place for all students to chat, relax and play games with friends. It is also a place for students to make new friends. A lot of students come to Wii Club to play games with their friends or to take a brain break. “I just go to Wii club to chill,”…

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Students and teachers have different views on the school dress code

Some students at Carson Middle School have disagreements with the school dress code, but administrators say it’s necessary to maintain a business-like atmosphere. Students receive information about the dress code at the beginning of each year.  “It’s changed a lot since I’ve been at Carson,” said Ms. Donovan, one of Rachel Carson Middle School’s librarians….

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Silent Sustained Reading: Beneficial, or waste of time?

Many students complain about silent sustained reading on Wednesdays, but according to the staff at Rachel Carson, Silent Sustained Reading can be quite helpful for students. Teachers like Mr. Mark Bolt, and assistant principal Ms. Christina Oh, think that Silent Sustained Reading is very beneficial, because of the literacy benefits, and the fact that you…

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Electives: Creative gateways

Family & Consumer Sciences, Tech Ed, 3D Art, and many more. These are just a few of the many electives at Rachel Carson Middle School. “Electives give students an opportunity to explore their passions,” said Ms. Stacy Kirkpatrick, director of student services. There are a wide variety of genres to choose your electives from. Our…

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Spirit Days: ‘It’s just fun to dress up’

“I participate in spirit days because it makes me feel like a part of a school environment, and it’s just fun to dress up,” said Jordan Hale, an eighth-grader on the X-Treme Team. Rachel Carson Middle School has many spirit days throughout the year, and “the favorite was probably Pink Panther day,” said Natalie Cahoon,…

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School storage: A battle between backpacks and lockers

Backpacks are a good way of holding your stuff, but so are lockers. In elementary school, hooks have been used to hold your backpack, but Rachel Carson Middle School has decided and developed a system that doesn’t include this. Instead, they use lockers. Rachel Carson uses a mixture of both backpacks and lockers, except backpacks…

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French interns share their take on Carson

America is big, the food is unhealthier, and the teachers are less strict, say Emeline Ayglon and Melissa Provenchere, two teachers from France who visited Rachel Carson Middle School in March. The two women were given a chance to visit America by their university, and went to New York for fun for four days before…

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Students protest gun violence

Several hundred students at Rachel Carson Middle School participated in a school walkout March 14 to protest for gun control and to mourn for the 17 people who died from a school shooting in February in Florida. At 10 a.m., students marched out in front of the building, holding up signs and posters, yelling and…

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A delicious Chinese New Year

A Chinese New Year consists of hong bao (红包), which translates to lucky red bag, the horde of your whole extended family, but most importantly, food. Chinese food is one of the most iconic type of cuisine. It varies from sweet to salty, and even extremely spicy according to each province. The food on the…

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Rachel Carson’s YouTubers

The student sitting next to you in math class may be a famous YouTuber. They might have thousands people waiting for their next video. Since its beginning in 2006, YouTube has been a platform for everyone to express themselves through videos to share with others. YouTubers all over the world are always posting content such…

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