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New FCPS policy excuses student civic engagement

Activities such as protesting and supporting campaigns can now be considered an excused absence for all FCPS students. Parents can request for their child to be excused for civic engagement purposes for part of a day once every school year, under a new policy policy that was adopted by the FCPS School Board on Jan. 21. “Having…

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Carson mission: End hunger

Students at Carson Middle donated to the food drive occurring during the last week of November to help their peers needing food over the holidays.     The food drive helped students and teachers to provide fellow students with necessities f0r the holidays and unexpected snow days.  “Many students’ only source of food is through the school,…

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Peer tutoring creates special friendships

“I feel like when you connect with a student, they will do anything for you,” said seventh-grade counselor Joanne Fraundorfer, who started the Peer Tutoring program. This is the first year of the program being up and running after it stopped a few years ago. The peer tutoring program at Carson allows seventh-graders to be…

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RCMS step team’s journey to the game

The bass of the music booms as you hear the stomps of the step team as they enter the gym for their performance. The claps and cheering of the crowd fills the gym as they see the team enter. The music comes to a sudden halt as do the steppers then their performance begins. “I’m…

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‘Grenade’: Inside the Book

One of the newest additions to Rachel Carson’s School Library, ‘Grenade’ has quickly become one of the most frequently checked out books amongst students and teachers alike. Written by Alan Gratz, author of “Refugee,” “Grenade” was released on Oct. 9, 2018. Fast paced and heart thumping, this historical fiction story would appeal to people who…

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Seventh-grade strings orchestra concert entertains community

The orchestra concert for seventh-grade was held Dec. 3 at 7 p.m. at the RCMS gym.  “This concert is to show the parents the improvement we’ve made from sixth grade to seventh grade,” said Mr. Eric Renne, strings teacher at RCMS. On the day of the show, all the strings students entered the gym, ready…

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RCMS Thanksgiving grows with students and teachers

Thinking of Thanksgiving, many imagine a big turkey dinner accompanied by plentiful servings of sides like mashed potatoes, green beans and cranberry sauce,  finished by a dessert of pumpkin pie.  The American holiday celebrates the story of the Pilgrims’ meal with the Native Americans and is a day to spend with loved ones and for…

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Chorus concert wins the audience’s heart

On Dec. 10 at 7 p.m. beautiful singers’ voices filled the whole Lecture hall as the crowd of people enjoyed the RCMS Winter Concert. Before the students entered the stage, they rehearsed as the lecture hall filled with 165 excited people. “I was really nervous at first but I got over it,” said Pragat Satish,…

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For Legacy student, every season is beanie season

“My head feels naked without them,” Rehaan D’Souza-Bohannon, a seventh-grader on the Legacy team, says, patting the Panic! at the Disco-themed beanie on his brown mess of hair. “That’s why I say every season is beanie season. I can’t live without them.” Rehaan loves beanies. As in, loves beanies. There’s rarely a day where you…

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Mrs. Carr returns in new position at Carson

“My goal is to give ideas to teachers on how to make students work collaboratively and be digital citizens,” said Megan Carr, Carson’s newest School-Based Technology Specialist. Ms. Carr has taught for 16 years. In her past years at Carson, she was a science and math teacher the Dream Team, Trailblazers, All-Stars, and Legacy teams….

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Vice Principal Mrs. Christina Oh leaves RCMS

Mrs. Christina Oh left her position as an assistant principal at Rachel Carson Middle School on Friday, Oct. 4, to move to a higher level of administering at Herndon High School. Before teaching at Carson, Mrs. Oh taught Spanish for middle and high school students. Following her job as a teacher, she went to Instructional…

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Carson wins Governors Award for 2019

Fairfax County residents tuned in on Red Apple 21 or streamed online on Sept. 12 to watch as Principal Gordon Stokes accepted the 2019 Governor’s Award for Educational Excellence on behalf of Rachel Carson Middle School. The School Board meeting honored Fairfax County schools that earned the Virginia Department of Education’s Index of Performance Awards,…

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