Magical teacher vacations


Sarah Qazi and Ashley Chase

The sun shone brightly on the day of the year that everyone anticipated. Christmas trees gleamed and sparkled with ornaments as piles of gifts encased the bottom. As students enjoyed the two-week vacation, we wonder what our mentors enjoy and the activities they participate in over the chilly weeks. What gifts did they receive? Where did they go?

Mrs. Begg, an English teacher in the Xtreme team pod, said, “During winter break I went ice-skating with my fiance’s family and mine. It was so fun even if I crashed into a couple of people. It’s really fun because I forgot how to ice skate but it’s like riding a bike you pick the skills back up after some practice,” said Mrs.Begg. “Unfortunately coming back to school was horrendous because of the set alarms.”

Mrs. Maybury, who teaches beside Mrs.Begg in the science department, said, “Christmas was so enjoyable and our family ravioli tasted amazing.” She enjoyed giving and receiving gifts. “I got an Alexa for Christmas and I can’t wait to use it. My kids couldn’t even see the giant trampoline right outside the window,” she exclaimed.

Mrs. Begg gave a gift that was very thoughtful for her she said, “My friend was a runner in marathons and she had this crazy goal to travel the U.S. and do a marathon in each state.” She gave her friend a giant map with hooks to hang all of her medals from each race.

Mrs. Williams, a Spanish teacher in the trailers, said, “My winter vacation was absolutely wonderful. Granted the chilly days after were not so fun.”  She had celebrated with her entire family and everyone had visited her house. “Christmas is all about the moments you spend with family and being thankful for it all, of course the presents are a plus,” she explained.

Mrs. Maybury shared similar thoughts as she said, “My sister lives in Utah, so every year she visits us because the rest of our family lived here.” Her favorite part of the holidays was giving a giant trampoline to her kids. “Watching their faces light up when they saw the trampoline was the best part of Christmas this year.”

Mrs. Begg also enjoyed her gift, a fancy toothbrush. “It was the family that counted,”  she said.

A lot of the teachers expressed the same feelings of spending time with family and that being the most important factor in their break.

“My family and I make this homemade ravioli every year, along with that it’s usually just caroling and every year we pretend that Santa is coming and we would go to this place called Red Fox every year, since our daughter’s birthday is close to Christmas,” Mrs. Maybury said.

Mrs. Begg said, “Some of my traditions are going to a pancake place … We also love to go hiking in the Shingletown Gap — it is in the mountains has streams and woods. It’s a tiny place.

“We go to Pennsylvania every year since my family still resides there. We all meet up and celebrate. … Every year [the town] would decorate the fire trucks and then they would drive through the streets with a Santa on top of them, waving at us.”

Teachers also love gathering with their family to celebrate just like us kids do.

“Christmas is only my favorite holiday because of all the joyful moments we spend with our relatives and family members,” said Mrs.Williams.