Chorus concert wins the audience’s heart

On Dec. 10 at 7 p.m. beautiful singers’ voices filled the whole Lecture hall as the crowd of people enjoyed the RCMS Winter Concert.

Before the students entered the stage, they rehearsed as the lecture hall filled with 165 excited people.

“I was really nervous at first but I got over it,” said Pragat Satish, 12, on the Champions Team in voci d’oro. 

As the singers entered the lecture hall, the audience’s acclamation made them feel blissful.

“Welcome everyone, to the 2019 winter concert,” said the pianist, John Kim. As he started to play the first song, “Touch the Sky” from the movie “Brave,” a clashy sound came from the piano. He stopped and said, “Sorry, that was my fault.” After a laugh, they started again. The singers from treble chorus started to sing “Touch the Sky,” a song about a princess trying to make her own choices and explore the world. Halfway through the song, the descant came down the bleachers and started to sing a higher part.

The next song was “Believe” from the movie “Polar Express.” This pleasant and soothing song is about a few children who don’t believe in Santa, and they catch their eyes on a magical train that takes you to the North Pole. The song started with a really moderated melody. Halfway through the song, the soloists sang each part of the solo part. 

The last song from treble chorus was called “Under the Calico Tree,” a quirky song about persuasion to live near under the calico tree. 

Ms. Reddig later said this unusual song was her favorite from treble chorus.

“The students are really balanced in this song,” she said, “and also this song is really funky with the dynamics and the lyrics.”

Then the singers from voci d’oro started to sing “Will There Really Be a Morning?” This song had a three descants.

Ms. Redding said this is her favorite song from the voci d’oro because the students are “really expressive.”

Voci d’oro ended with the traditional Christmas song “Jingle Bells” to loud applause.

“The students worked really hard to prepare for the concert,” said Ms. Redding. “I am really proud of these students.”