Physical education curriculum updated

RCMS gym teachers throughout the year have followed the Health and PE curriculums of FCPS after a new, revised set of requirements was put into place by the Virginia Department of Education in January. The PE curriculum used by FCPS is partly standardized by the state of Virginia, and the county also teaches certain subjects….

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New Rookies to look out for in the NFL draft

This NFL draft from this year is really going to shape up the next season of the NFL for the better because of how many teams are trying to rebuild right now including the Seattle Seahawks, the Denver Broncos, the Philadelphia Eagles, and many other teams.  Hannah Burstein, an eighth-grader on the Wolves team, said,…

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RCMS goes undefeated in basketball games

Rachel Carson Middle School wiped out Langston Hughes on May 6, going undefeated in all five games at the RCMS gym during the annual basketball game. Justice Pilling, a player on the seventh-grade boys team, said, “It was a good game but at the end of the day LHMS wouldn’t stand a chance.” From 6…

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Teacher by day, poker player by night

As he walked into the Rio in Las Vegas, adrenaline was rushing through PE Teacher Demetrios Kappatos as he scouted out the room full of his 8,000 opponents. The World Series of Poker tournament took place in December, 2021. It was held in five different conference rooms named after five different colors. “Each conference room…

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Draft trades will shape the NFL next season

This has been a crazy draft season, with Russell Wilson going to the Broncos, Tom Brady coming back after only 40 days of retirement and Carson Wentz going to the Commanders. Dylan McFeely, an eighth-grader on the Wolves team said, “With all of these big trades going on, this next season is going to be…

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The NBA begins after Covid, leaving fans excited

The 2021 basketball season has officially begun, with less restrictions than last year.  When Covid-19 began, the NBA said that players could not see their family in real life and if they did want to, they would have to video chat online. All of the NBA players stayed at the same hotel and were not…

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RCMS students debate what is a sport

“You can make anything into a competition, but a sport is physical activity,” eighth grader at RCMS, Samantha Shuster said.  As things go back to normal at RCMS, students debate what is and what’s not a sport, for reasons from artistry to competition. A main activity debated whether it’s a sport or not is chess….

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PE sports units begin

As of mid-October, P.E. staff have begun our first sports units of the year at RCMS. The sports played are different for each class. The first round of sports has included badminton with Mr. Campagna, football with Mr. Mosher and weight training with Ms. Lohman.  “P.E has standards, and we can teach those standards any…

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Despite stereotypes and risks, students enjoy high school football

Eli McNutt has enjoyed watching football since he was young, and was excited to join a high school football team, but when he brought up the idea to his parents, it was shot down. For Eli, the decision was about potential injuries, while other students have been dissuaded by stereotypes. CJ Berejik, an eighth-grader at…

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NFL season begins with fantasy football craze and changes in the league

“The NFL is my happy place,” stated Nate Zschunke, an eighth-grader and Pittsburgh Steelers fan. Fans are ecstatic to be back in the stadiums after that difficult Covid-19 year and back cheering on their team. Even if your team isn’t playing you still have players to cheer for on your fantasy football team. One of…

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Exercise essential during quarantine

After a day of staring at a laptop, many people might relax; however, not everybody knows the hidden risks of sitting. “I haven’t been able to play outside as much as I used to,” says Anay Bansal, a seventh-grader at RCMS. Even though many students cannot play outside because of COVID-19, people must continue exercising…

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Students miss fan interactions at NBA games

“The NBA bubble will be back and better than ever,” said Vishwa Makesh, eighth-grader at Rachel Carson Middle School. The National Basketball Association Bubble, also known as the Disney Bubble or Orlando Bubble, is a campus created by the NBA to protect its players from coronavirus and allow them to complete the remainder of the…

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