Students at RCMS go to Finance Park to learn about money


Eighth-grade students at RCMS went to Financial Park in early December 2022, and they experienced a taste of adult life there.

“It feels like an adult at that time when I pay for my needs in my daily life with my income,” said Fajr Alkhawlani, an eighth-grade student on the yellowjacket team.  

It is required for every government middle school eighth-grade student that they must go for a trip to the Finance Park.

“I wish I had known early about the importance of investing money,” said Brian Corman, Civics teacher of the yellowjacket team in eighth grade.   

Fun Fact: 42% of people in the US are not financially stable.

Middle schoolers learned about how to spend their money effectively. And they understand how hard their parents work to fulfill their needs. 

“They learned about spending and saving money,” said Mr. Corman. 

Students calculate their money on things and sometimes they don’t have money left when they spend more of the money early. They learned the value of money .They have an idea where you must spend your money more and where it is less. 

“I think it will help me in the future to know more about money, ” said Fajr.

They learned how money works and they must make plans for that. How important it is not to overuse credit cards.  

“I will not spend my money as before after doing this activity because I think it is hard to make money,” said Hania Fathima Javeed Ansar, an eighth-grade student on the yellowjacket team. 

They understand being an adult is expensive and managing their budget is hard. 

“They learned the importance of investing money. The longer you do it, the more you save it. So, invest money early,” said Mr. Corman.  

Most students enjoy the time they spend as an adult, having credit cards, yearly income and paying for things. Students use their own credit card and pay for their needs.     

“It is fun to go there spending time with friends and feel like an adult,” said Kokone Matsuyama, an eighth-grade student on the yellowjacket team.