Students disappointed with Ja Morant after eight game suspension


Mia Kehde

Veer Shawney shooting a basketball in the RCMS blacktop on 5/5/23.

Many students’ opinions have changed after Ja Morant’s actions on March 4 that made it harder for them to like him as a basketball player any longer.

Memphis Grizzlies player, Ja Morant, 23, was spotted in downtown Denver with a gun, according to his Instagram Live on March 4. The NBA has since suspended the basketball player for eight games. 

“I first thought he was a pretty cool guy,” said Veer Shawney, seventh-grader on the Trailblazers team, “but then the reports came with the gun and I don’t like him as much based on what he did.”

The NBA has had a history of suspending players for different reasons like taking illegal substances but not that many cases with guns.

“I know that this has happened in the NBA before but I didn’t know Morant was that bad of a person before,” Veer said.

After the reports, Morant gave a statement on Twitter saying “I take full responsibility for my actions.” In the statement he apologized to his teammates, family, coaches, and fans.

Mrs. Dalkin, math teacher on the Dream Team, said, “I like how he’s taking full responsibility for it and he’s also not complaining about it.”

While Morant was away from the NBA he practiced more on his own time to prepare for his return.

“It would make him try harder,” said Mrs. Dalkin, “It also might make him better.”

Morant decided it would be best for him and his team to take additional time off after his suspension to cope with his stress. 

“Taking time off would be the best thing for him”, said Kayla Konnert, seventh-grader on the Dream Team.

Since the incident the Grizzlies have made it to the playoffs without Morant. So many fans are debating if his absences affected the team at all.

Kate Shields, seventh-grader on the Dream Team said, “I don’t think his time off will affect the team because they are a good team overall, not just Morant.”

After what happened many student’s opinions on Morant have changed, including opinions on him as a person.

Veer said, “He was known for his great basketball skills before but now he’s known for what he did.”