New books await in the RCMS library

As the school year ends, students will have lots of free time after class, so they will want something to do. A good place to spend some time or read a book is the RCMS library, where lots of new books are arriving every few weeks.

There are over 20,000 books in the library. A place to find good books in the RCMS library is the new books section. There are tables full of new library books.

If you like a certain genre of literature, there are different sections for different genres. 

“Last year, we organized all the books by their genres,” says RCMS librarian Ms. Elizabeth Donovan.

You can also check out the Virginia Readers’ Choice books. The books are pretty good. The library displays posters with the top ten books on them. The Virginia Readers’ Choice books are selected by a committee that votes on which books are the best.

The popular books are usually good. Most kids like fiction books.

Mr. Kirk Treakle, another RCMS librarian said, “We order more fiction than nonfiction.”

The most popular genre is mystery. Out of the 20 students who responded to a Carson Chronicle survey, six of them said that mystery books were their favorite genre.

The second most popular genre is graphic novels/comics. Twenty-five percent of the students that completed the survey enjoyed graphic novels.

Authors popular with RCMS students include Stuart Gibbs, Rick Riordan, J.K. Rowling, and Alan Gratz.

If the library doesn’t have any books that you enjoy, you can make a suggestion. There is a binder in the library. You need to go to the suggestions tab (in the binder) to make a suggestion. There is also a suggestion form in the RCMS library Google site.