Students reflect on the history behind Memorial Day


Josephine Leon-Guerrero (Left) and Cannon Berejik (Right) holding up a Memorial day sign

All Carson students had a day off on May 29, 2023 and not many people know why. Memorial Day is an important holiday which honors all the people that have fallen in the military due to all the wars and fighting. 

Memorial Day was established on May 5, 1866, as “Decoration day.” After the Civil war, the nation would decorate their relatives’ graves, who died in the war, with flowers and leaves. In 1966, Congress changed the name to Memorial Day. 

Most people get confused between Memorial Day and Veterans Day. Veterans Day honors the veterans that served in the military. Memorial Day honors the people who died fighting for the country.

“I enjoy the day off of school but I think it is good to recognize people that have fallen in battle throughout the time,” said Mr. Gregory Coe, civics teacher on the Explorers team.

Some students in Carson even have relatives that were in the military or fought in wars.

“My dad was in the 5th Special Forces while my mom was in the 100 First Airborne. They were both stationed in places like Afghanistan, Pakistan and Haiti,” said Alex Peaks, an eighth-grader on the Explorers team.

“My grandma was a nurse in the military, and that’s how she met my granddad,” said Chrissy DeFede, a seventh-grader on the Trailblazers team. 

After the Civil War, our nation suffered more than 620,000 deaths. The sacrifices for our nation is what makes Memorial Day so important. 

“I have gone to Arlington Cemetery and put a leaf on my grandfather’s grave,” Mr. Coe said.

Most people don’t know the deaths and sacrifices made to create Memorial Day. Men and women in the military have died protecting us in war. It is unfortunate, but it impacts America and only some people acknowledge that.

Derek Barber, an eighth-grader on the Explorers team, said, “It should be common knowledge because it’s good to know about how America came to be, and recognize those who fought for us.”