Activities students do outside of school


Darius Damian

Keillor Sheehan using a computer as a reference for a drawing.

Many if not all students have a hobby or passion that they seek outside of school. But many of us do not know each other’s hobbies. 

Northern Virginia has a wide assortment of activities that one can seek out. These include sports, outdoor activities, arts, and technology.

Diya Doshi, an eighth-grader on the Voyagers team, said, “I play field hockey and do track. I do these sports outside of school through clubs.”

Sports in Northern Virginia have a rich history, with this history comes great sports clubs. Grant Hill, NBA co-Rookie of the Year, hails from Reston. Andrew Seliskar, a former junior world record holder, was born in McLean and attended Thomas Jefferson High School. 

Due to the high population density of Northern Virginia, there are many kinds of people from many different backgrounds. Because of this, Northern Virginia has accessibility to a plethora of activities.

Keillor Sheehan, a seventh-grader on the Mavericks, said, “I feel like there is a nice variety of activities in Northern Virginia.”

The extreme amount of people in Northern Virginia compared to the rest of Virginia due to the proximity to the nation’s capital. Because of the close proximity, many people of many professions have moved here to pursue a career in law, government, healthcare, and technology.

Keillor said, “ My guess as to why so many people move here is because its close to D.C so there are many job opportunities.”