‘Good’ but in a different way


Uma Sarkar (left) and Diya Doshi (right) being good friends.

Rohan Jayakumar, Writer

Today, you may hear insults such as: “L bozo,” “ratio,” or “didn’t ask.” Students may believe that they are a “cool” person for saying this, but other students have different ideas on being good as they follow the rules, laws, and norms. 

“Everyone has different ideas of the definition of being good,” said Hanna Cline, a seventh-grader on the Champions team. 

According to Edward-Elmhurst Health, a nationally recognized health system, negativity spreads much faster than positivity, and being around negative people can make one feel negative as well. 

Having positive friends may also benefit you.

“I didn’t have that many positive friends in fifth grade,” Aarush Kotla, a seventh grader on the Champions team, said. “So I made new friends in sixth grade.”

According to Nemours TeenHealth, you can be bullied for your appearance, behavior, race, religion, color, social status, and sexual identity.  

“Whether it’s based on race, gender, personality, or something else, like spending time with someone who is “uncool” could make you a bullying victim,” said Ariya Lee, a seventh grader on the Trailblazers team. 

According to Google Definitions, teasing is the intention to make fun of someone in a playful manner.

Arjun Garg, a seventh grader on the Legacy team, said, “Teasing is very common among friends.”

According to MentalFlow, traits that a good person has are honesty towards a relationship, making compliments when they are deserved, politeness, kindness, and generosity. Another trait they have is that they make good friends.

“I think making friends helps people be a good person, but being a good person also can lead to friends,” said Ariya. 

A few other traits mentioned about good people are that they smile often, don’t take things for granted, and are consistent, meaning they always will put their best effort into anything for anyone.

According to Berkeley Well Being Institute, some positive personality traits are kindness, leadership, consideration, reliability. Some physical traits are pretty eyes, fit body, nice smile, cute dimples, and smooth legs make a positive personality. 

“I don’t think that people who are nice have that because people can be nice even though they look different,” said Aarush. 

Another thing according to Berkeley Well Being Institute, is that good people must be a good cook, good painter, fast reader, good with computers, and a fast typer. 

“I think that good people just have to have a good heart and good intentions,” said Hanna. “They have to be willing to be the best version of themselves” 

According to Merriam Webster, a good person is someone who is honest, helpful, or morally a good person. 

Aarush said, “I agree, because they should be those qualities and even more such as: loyal, kind, generous.” 

According to The Newport Daily News, “What we can learn is that our judgments mostly have to do with us, not the people we judge, and the same is true when others judge us.”

“I think many people are judging me about my work ethics and how I get everything done early, but I can only control how I react, not what others say,” said Arjun. 

People may judge you for anything such as appearance, behavior, color, and what you say. 

I think we all judge because it’s human nature. I think what is important is that most people care more about their appearance than others and there is no need to be self conscious,” said Hanna

We hear famous quotes all the time such as, “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” said 14th Dalai Lama.

Ariya shares her thoughts on, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever,” by Mahatma Gandhi.

I agree with the quote, ‘Learn as if you were to live forever.’ I think it means to keep learning because that knowledge would help you in the future,” said Ariya, “because the only way you can make the world better is if you have the knowledge to do so.”

Arjun shares his thoughts on, “I can accept failure, everyone fails at something, but I can’t accept not trying,” by Micheal Jordan. 

“I agree, because not trying is not the solution. Even if you do not succeed, you will not have the opportunity to say that you have not tried.” said Arjun

Being good has its qualities, but that does not mean someone can’t be good. 

Ariya said, “I just hope that people understand that bullying based on race, gender or looks is wrong because we can’t control any of those things. It’s just beyond someone’s control.”