Modern technology: Good or bad?


Iniya Mahendiran, a student on the All-Stars team.

Angela Leo and Thanwa Dahab

Technology has become a big part of our lives, we use devices, namely computers, phones, watches and ipads for school work, texting, calling, and other social activities.

“Life before cell phones and computers was good because we weren’t always glued to our screens,” said Kevin Reif, science teacher on the dolphins team, “but I think now without technology it would be harder to communicate with people or get where we need to go.” 

In some ways modern technology is very helpful, but could this actually be affecting our lives?

According to Medical News Today, social media and mobile devices could cause issues mentally, psychologically, and physically.

Students think people are also becoming more dependent on devices, that their learning has been affected. Instead of working our mind by solving our problems,  people use the internet.

Students and teachers from Rachel Carson Middle School share how a life without devices would be and how devices have already affected them.

Aurel Arockia Irudhaya Jayasingh, an eighth-grader on the Dolphins team thinks that technology could cause a lot of problems for people, if used too much.

“It’s mostly a negative effect,” said Aurel. “I should be outside playing, but electronics are really addictive which is a big problem.”

Technology is a big part of most people’s lives, technology is everywhere, in places such as school, at home, even on the road. 

Aiden McFadden thinks that technology is how people learn and a life without it would be challenging.

“Technology can make us smart because when we search things up we learn new things”, said Aiden McFadden, an eighth-grader on the Dolphins team. “It teaches us things we didn’t know before and without technology we would have a harder time learning.”

A lot of people use iPads, computers or cellphones for a maximum of 12 hours a day or maybe even more, in school and for their social life.

“So in school, I use my computer almost the whole seven hours at school, and at home, maybe for around 2 or 3 hours or so,” said Ananya Sah, a seventh-grader on the Majestics team.

Iniya Mahendiran, a seventh-grader on the All Stars team expresses her opinion that technology is affecting us in both good and bad ways.

“First of all we are in a way getting smarter, because we are inventing technology,” said Iniya, ” but on the other hand it could be affecting the generations later on and we could just get dumber!”

Life without technology is unthinkable according to many people in the school.

Close to 63% of people around the world use technology, amassing a total of 5 billion.

“Technology could be looked at in both ways, good or bad,” said Ananya Sah. “The only thing we need to do is stop using it too much.”