Students are finally done with the pressure of the SOLs


Arjun Chitla, a seventh-grader on the Trailblazers, is contemplating his SOLs scores.

Farhan Ali, Writer

Many students, content with their SOL scores, despised the nerve racking experience during the SOL weeks. 

“With the pressure of getting a good score, studying for the SOLs was pretty difficult,” said Gurkirat Kumar, a seventh-grader on the All-stars team. “The hardest part was waiting for our scores, dreading the possibility of an unforgivable score,” he said.

According to the Department of Education, Standards of Learning (SOLs) are the minimum expectations for students that will be taken each year as tests. SOLs are scored up to 600. A passing score is 400 and above, while a pass advanced is 500 and above. 

Seventh-graders have taken the Reading and Math SOLs. Eighth-graders have taken a Science WSOL, in addition to the Math and Reading SOL. They must also take the LAA, which has replaced the writing SOL. 

“I feel a little bit stressed about this,” said Arjun Krishnamurthy, a seventh-grader on the Dream team. “But I have done this since third grade so I am not that nervous.”

Some students believe that SOLs are memory tests that are not necessary for them since it doesn’t benefit them.

Akhil Angajala, an eighth-grader on the Wolves, isn’t worried because his parents aren’t concerned about them.

”My parents don’t really care about the SOL because it doesn’t affect my future,” Akhil said.

Akhil also mentioned that he wasn’t prepared for his science SOL, since the material he covered wasn’t on the test, but he believed he had done decent on his science SOLs. 

Arjun Chitla, a seventh-grader student on the Trailblazers, understands why students dislike the SOLs, but he thinks it is necessary for student’s education.

“I understand many students despise the SOLs due to the stress the preparation requires, however, SOLs are necessary because they differentiate the average students from the great students. It also tells the government where students are in academics,” Arjun C. said.

Arjun C. was surprised by getting a 600 on his reading SOL and is excited because he has a higher chance of getting a 600 on his algebra 1 SOL.

“Getting a 600 on the reading SOL was very unexpected because every year before this one, I got below a 500. I am really happy about it because I have a chance to get double 600 this year. Which might help me in applying for TJ.”

Contrary to other students’ beliefs, Arjun C does think that the SOLs will benefit him

Arjun said, “Although I don’t like the SOLs, they’ll at least help me with future tests.”