The Carson Chronicle’s history


RCMS Carson Chronicle contributors helped develop the newspaper into what it is today, from a club to an elective. At its beginning, the club was run by a sponsor and was hosted after school. 

Mr. Kirk Treakle, head librarian, ran it for multiple years. He thought it was a great opportunity for students to find their forte. 

“Some of the students who struggle in a class context can flourish in less traditional settings such as the newspaper club,” he said. 

The Chronicle was run this way until Ms. Bickford began running it. She requested every year to make it an elective, and her wish was granted after much waiting. 

It was originally called Media Communications and included the RCTV crew, and then News, and finally, Journalism. 

It was an online only publication by the time current journalism teacher Ms. Lina Hashem began managing it. She currently runs the site, and conducts two journalism classes. 

Each of her students usually writes three or more articles, including news briefs, articles, letters to the editor, and more. 

Teachers and sponsors of journalism tend to enjoy seeing students grow and develop ideas.

 “I think just the spontaneity of it,” said Mr. Treakle. 

Ms. Bickford likes the practicality of learning journalism — she said, “There was a real propose for it.”