Video games with potential


Photo by Caelyn Henson

A character in Animal Crossing New Horizons enjoys the day on a bench a player crafted. Animal Crossing New Horizons is ‘a cute game where you try to have the best island and interact with your non-human neighbors,’ said Emily Lasure, a seventh-grader at RCMS.

Veda Jackson, Caelyn Henson

The holidays are right around the corner, so consider these video games to be put on your wishlist: Super Mario 3D All Stars, Fall Guys, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and Minecraft. These games are a few that people all across America love.  

Super Mario 3D All Stars

Super Mario 3D All Stars is three classic 3D games from the Mario franchise inside of one Nintendo Switch game; Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy, and Super Mario Sunshine.

Joshua Garrett, age 14, said he would rate it 5 stars because there are 3 “classic and well-known” games in 1 for a cheap price, and because it’s “good for old gamers and new.” 

“They are a challenge because you have to use more problem-solving compared to the newer games,” he said.

One interesting feature about Super Mario 3D All Stars is that they don’t change anything from how the games originally were.

“I’ve played both Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 64 [on 3DS] and it feels nostalgic and familiar,” Joshua says.

He was also asked about how much he would play the games per day, if he had access to it. “I would play it for 1 hour to be honest; because all the fun is before you beat the game. I would want to pace it, so I can enjoy the game as much as possible, instead of grinding it.”

Fall Guys

Fall Guys is a race between players, with many obstacles. If you fall down, or an opponent knocks you off, you die. The game has different modes for each season as well.

Larry Wang, a seventh-grader, said he would rate the game 3.7 stars because “when you just start playing it’s really confusing.”

Fall Guys has a first person view, which makes it hard to see when other people are trying to knock you off; “but once you get the hang of it, it’s going to be really fun.”

“Others would think it’s a pretty decent game, not that good and not that bad,” he said, “because when they start they have to lose more than they earn.”

Larry said he would play for around two hours and 20 minutes because it is an addicting game, and after a long, possibly rigged, time you get a good prize.

Fall Guys is available on mobile, PS4, and stream. People can also buy skins using real money if they would like. 


Minecraft is a multiplayer game that allows you to create your own world and play with friends in either survival or creative mode. The Carson student player base is large. As of Dec. 10, 2020, there are 101 students that are in the Minecraft Club for RCMS. 

Survival is a mode where someone would be on their own and must fend for themselves against monsters that come out at night. Survival allows you to learn more about the game as you have to craft as well as collect resources for you to build a house, and make a life for your in-game trials as you try to advance forward.

Creative is a mode where anyone can create their own world without any restrictions; with powers such as flight, immunity and unlimited access to materials.

“It’s a great way to interact with people with the same interests,” Kenzie Boardman, a seventh-grader at Rachel Carson exclaims. You can explore the Minecraft universe on Xbox, PS4, mobile, PC and Nintendo Switch.

Lucas Gillenwater, the teacher at RCMS who runs the Minecraft club, likes the game because of the many possibilities of what you can do. For example you can be a farmer, a fighter, a builder, or a witch.

“At first [people] might think it’s a children’s game,” he says, but then “their creative side would open up.”

Some people might not have gotten into a creative/role-playing game, or may not be used to the graphics at first. His favorite aspect of the game was “the endless amount of mining you can do and the places you can go, since it is an open world,” because it is creative and adventurous. His least favorite is Creepers, which is because they are nerve-wracking.

A piece of advice Mr. Gillenwater would like to give to any new players: “Play with friends. Definitely play with friends.” 

Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons is “a cute game where you try to have the best island and interact with your non-human neighbors,” said Emily Lasure, a seventh-grader at RCMS. You can play games from the Animal Crossing franchise on most Nintendo products and even on phone, though it’s called Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

“I would rate it 3 stars,” Emily said. “There is so much more they could add.”

A lot of players want to obtain their dreamies, which are dream villagers. People call a villager they really want their “dreamie.” Most people spend all their in-game money to get a slim chance to get theirs, but there is a way to easily get your dreamie. There are Amiibos you can obtain of your character. Though, it’s rare to find an exact one of you “dreamie,” it does happen.

Players spend a lot of time to make their island perfect. When you start, you live in a tent, then as you obtain money, you can upgrade it to a house. It’s a very time consuming game, but it is a stress reliever.